21 September 2009

Opposition forms in East Germany

Twenty years ago: The opposition group "New Forum" filed for official recognition in East Germany and a Synod of the Protestent Church in East Germany issued a resolution calling for democratic reforms including a multiparty system, freedom to travel and freedom of the press.

From The New York Times, 20 September 1989:
By SERGE SCHMEMANN, Special to The New York Times

The largest of several new groups formed to campaign for change in East Germany announced today that it had applied to field candidates in parliamentary elections next May as the first countrywide opposition organization.

Barbel Bohley, a founding member of the group, the New Forum, said it had filed formal applications to run candidates in 11 of 14 electoral districts. Miss Bohley said she was skeptical that the Government would even reply, ''but we have to do it.''

The Government has refused in the past to sanction independent groups, and the Communist authorities have shown little inclination in recent weeks to make any concessions to opponents at home or abroad. More

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