19 March 2010

The democratic GDR

The democratic GDR that followed the Volkskammer election on 18 March lasted just six months, following the mass demonstrations in autumn 1989, the loss of power of the SED. To mark the anniversary the Federal Centre for Political Education has published a special edition of "Politics and Contemporary History". The issue (in German) can be downloaded here. The individual essays are listed below:

Editorial (Hans-Georg Golz)
The unhappy demise of the GDR - Essay (Wolfgang Templin)
The forgotten "third way" (Martin Sabrow)
A democratic East Germany? The project "Modern Socialism" (Rainer Land)
Double democratization and German Unity (Michael Richter)
The democratic GDR in the international arena (Jennifer A. Yoder)
The failure of economic reform in the GDR 1989/1990 (Wolfgang Seibel)
Farewell to West Berlin (Wilfried Rott)
Photo: Bundesarchiv


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