29 April 2009

Holy Disorder

Today the Evangelical Church in Central Germany is to launch its Holy Disorder campaign to remember the 20th anniversary of the peaceful revolution but also to underline the need for Christians to be involved in politics today. According to the church's Ralf-Uwe Beck
We are remembering autumn 1989. It's the experience of discovering our selfconfidence as citizens, to stand up and to get involved. That is also an experience of faith. With the campaign we want to encourage people to remember the events and start creating (healthy) disorder, to get off the sofa and get involved in the burning issues of today. We have to arouse again power to shape and change events. Pure nostalgia won't get us any further.
The campaign is to be launched in front of the Thuringian regional parliament where the artist Ingo Bracke has created a "light sculpture" to represent the texts of the Ecumenical Assembly. A light sculpture to represent texts? I'm looking forward to seeing how it will look ...


Jane said...

hope you're going to post some photos of it

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