29 April 2009

A Light Sculpture to a peaceful revolution

The Holy Disorder campaign was launched today with a light sculpture at the tower block of the regional parliament in Erfurt, which once housed the communist-led government of the district of Erfurt. As the evening progressed the words and phrases taken from the final documents of the Ecumenical Assembly that were projected onto the building could be seen more and more clearly, while inside the building the texts themselves were projected in rolling news fashion, interspersed with words such as "courage", "justice", "peace" - all this to a sound of extracts of the texts, clips from a Bach mass and the ringing of church bells. Bishop Christoph Kähler said that this was the "writing on the wall" that East Germany's leaders refused to recognise. The artist, Ingo Bracke, explained that he de-constructed the texts in order to reconstruct the component parts in a new way. He said that of all the texts he had read for the project, the one that spoke to him most, was the four pledges in the Letter to Children.
Dagmar Schipanski, the president of the regional parliament said that the non-violent revolution would not have been possible in the way that it happened without the Ecumenical Assembly. Particularly poignant was the presence of Heino Falcke, the retired Dean of Erfurt who turns 80 in May and who is the spiritual father of the Conciliar Process in the GDR that led to the Ecumenical Assembly. Bishop Christoph Kähler said of the texts that lie behind the light sculpture, "The call for more solidarity, taking responsibility in society, and a way of dealing with human beings and the world that is responsible both ecologically and economically, is relevant and something we need to think about even today, 20 years after it was drawn up." Below there are some pictures of the event:


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