1 May 2009


Today is the 1st May and walking to the station in Erfurt I passed the trade union demonstration for International Workers´Day. 20 years ago, the May Day demonstration would have been used as a manfestation of support for the ruling Socialist Unity Party (SED). I once went on such a demonstration (out of curiosity) myself back in 1984 when I was a student in East Berlin. The university departments were all expected to turn out as a sign of their support for (or regimentation by?) the SED - even the theology department was expected to be there. However, when I arrived at the appropriately named "Street of the Paris Commune" where the demonstration was to start, although the lecturers were present en masse, hardly a student was to be seen. Of course, the only career open to a theology student was a career in the church, but for other students not to be seen to turn out could be held against you ...

(Photo to come once I have an opportunity to transfer photos over)


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