7 May 2009

Open air exhibition about the peaceful revolution

To mark the 20th anniversary of the electoral fraud, an open air exhibition about the peaceful revolution has been inaugurated today on Alexanderplatz in Berlin, with 200 metres of images. It will run until 14 November. Alexanderplatz is where the hige demonstration took place on 4 November 1989 calling for change and renewal in the GDR (l.). The project is the idea of the Robert Havemann Society, named after the dissident East German physicist. According to the society, the exhbition "shows how, beginning with a few people, oppositional activities became a people's movement. More and more people struggled against hopelessness, breakdown and stalemate in society, calling for freedom to travel and free elections. Citizens movements and political parties were founded. Hundreds of thousands went courageously onto the streets. The rulers of the GDR were helpless. The exhibition documents this exciting time and wishes to promote a discussion about the result.


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