29 July 2009

Church resources to mark the peaceful revolution

The Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) has just published online resources (in German) for marking the 20th anniversary of the peaceful revolution in the GDR (HTML format and PDF format). It includes a long account by Pastor Christian Führer of the peace prayers in the Nikolaikirche in Leipzig which on 9 October 1989 marked the decisive turning point in the popular protests and the reaction of the SED. The EKD is encouraging peace prayers on 9 October this year to mark the anniversary. At the same time it has been announced that Bishop Wolfgang Huber, the chair of the EKD Council, has been invited to be the speaker at the official celebrations on 2 October to mark the 19th anniversary of German unity - on the church as precursor of the peaceful revolution. The theme of the celebration to take place in Saarbrücken is "experience Europe" to which French President Nicolas Sarkozy has been invited to take part alongside German President Horst Köhler and Chancellor Angela Merkel ... Hm, of all these great and good people only Merkel has any direct experience of the peaceful revolution that made German unity possible.


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