22 July 2009

The slow changes to 1989 ...

25 years ago today the Lutheran World Federation assembly opened in Budapest. It was the first time that an assembly of the LWF had been held in eastern Europe, and that in a country where there was still a simmering dispute about 1956 and the place of Lajos Ordass, a former president of the Lutheran Church in Hungary rehabilitated in 1956 and then removed again in 1958. The leadership of the church then transferred to Zoltan Kaldy, who through his Theology of Diakonia tried to find a modus videndi with the state. At the assembly, Kaldy was challenged by a letter from a Hungarian pastor, Zoltan Doka, who called into question the theology of Kaldy. Kaldy was nevertheless elected as the LWF president. What dies all this say about church-state relations and did it move forward to 1989 or stand in the way of change?


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